CasCorporation is a multi-faceted group of companies offering a wide range of property industry related services through its industry-leading sub-companies - CasUrban, CasConstruct, CasRealestate and Casello.

CasCorporation is an Australian privately owned Property Development Group with a loyal following of astute property investors who value the Companies’ innovative yet conservative approach in assisting their clients on their path of building and protecting their wealth. CasCorporation is represented by three independent brands, equally respected for their commitment, expertise and integrity.


CasUrban is a development and project management company providing strategic property expertise, advice and consultancy across the complete project lifecycle including site identification, concept and feasibility, project funding, construction management, delivery and financial close.


CasRealestate is an integral division of the multifaceted Property Development Group of Companies — CasCorporation. CasRealestate is not the largest Property Management Company in Melbourne, and we don’t strive to be. So often we meet overloaded Property Managers with excessively sized property portfolios who simply do not have the time to care for a property as they would their own, nor are they devoted to providing an expertly guided investment plan to their clients. CasReaestate is different.


CasConstruct is a licensed residential, commercial and industrial construction company with an excellent track-record in delivering a high-quality product. CasConstruct works exclusively for CasCorporation, which ensures that all our projects achieve the highest quality standards, the tightest delivery deadlines and an excellent customer satisfaction rating.


Casello is the pioneer of the Group. Established in 1998, Casello is proud to be one of Australia’s largest and most sought-after commercial carpentry, facade cladding and labour hire contracting companies employing over 200 full time staff. Casello works exclusively for the leading Tier 1 Construction Companies and are well known within the industry for their reliability as well as the highest quality of the services they deliver.

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